Theresa Ortiz was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. It wasn't till the age of five that her family decided to move to Brooklyn, NY, and eventually they moved to Jersey City, NJ, where she was raised. Jersey City became her hometown and it was there that she discovered her love for the entertainment industry.


Theresa began to feel what she called, "a little force inside her" to be successful in this business. This realization continued to build with time. When she turned fourteen years old, she auditioned for IMTA (International Model Talent Association) and began her first acting classes in New York City. After being signed during her teen years, she has worked with networks such as MTV, Spike TV, and Comedy Central.


In 2008, Theresa decided to take a break from her city life in New Jersey and join her family in North Carolina. North Carolina not only rejuvenated her, but also gave her a whole new perspective in life. Theresa realized that when you are born to do something it will always leave you feeling restless.


In those five years she had grown to be a favorite among the town locals, who admired her beauty, charisma and gregarious personality. Things started to look bright again for Theresa. She was given the opportunity in an acting role on, “The Hunger Games", with director Gary Ross, "Homeland", and "Banshee" on ShowTime. She played in her first independent short film lead role,"God Don't Like Ugly", with Grammy award winner, Andreo Heard . Not long after that, she landed another lead role in a short film,“Rap and Ryhme", with Director Maurice Hicks.


Theresa's dreams has always driven her ambition to push further in her career. She is headed in the right path to success with a clear vision of what she wants for herself. Now she is back in New Jersey to finish what she started. The newly transformed Theresa with the same big dreams. She is truly a shining star and growing every day. It's just a matter of time before everyone recognizes Theresa Ortiz for her talents.

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